The Flash Fiction Thrillogy Part 1


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This is my offering in Shah Wharton's "Minuscule Morsels of Marvel" contest. It features two of my favorite Marvel characters--the Invisible Woman and Spider-Man--and two of my Vaempires characters.

What If? ... Why Not? (A Marvel Heroes / Vaempires Mashup) by Thomas Winship

Spider-Man ducked. A massive arm flailed overhead to smash the wall. Pieces of masonry pelted his head and shoulders as he buried his foot in the moloid’s gut, doubling the creature over. A thunderous uppercut followed, blasting the beast into the skyscraper across the avenue.

His spider-sense tingled, so he leaped straight up. A bumbling pair—a modern day, Subterranean Tweedledee and Tweedledum—crashed together with bruising force. They slumped to the sidewalk.

“Definitely an improvement,” he quipped, landing beside them. He aimed his trusty web-shooters.

With a wet splurt, they announced they were out of fluid.


Sighing, Spider-Man rejoined the Invisible Woman at the foot of the Triborough Bridge. Dozens of moloids climbed up through huge cracks in the pavement.

“Why here?” he asked. “Another Dave concert at Randall’s Island?”

Sue shrugged.

He cupped his hands to his mouth.

“Avengers assemble!”

“For the last time, cut that out,” Sue growled. “You’re giving me a headache. You know we’re alone. I’m not erecting a force field until you promise to keep quiet.”

Spider-Man glared daggers at her. With his mask on, she’d couldn’t tell, but she took his silence as agreement.

The field shimmered into place.

And then they weren’t in the city anymore. Instead, they were in a dense forest.

It was dark. And snowing.

Spider-Man stiffened.

“What the—”

“Shh!” Sue whispered, pointing over his shoulder.

He spun. Two hundred feet away, a teenage boy and girl knelt in a clearing, kissing.

They were vampires.

“We’re invisible,” Sue whispered, “Don’t say anything and spoil their moment.”

Suddenly, Spider-Man’s spider-sense went berserk. He glanced around, spying the source. A dozen yards away, directly between them and the teens, a shadow stirred in a depression amid two trees.

A man with spiky red hair climbed to his feet. He radiated bad intentions and body heat as he moved toward the young lovers.

Spider-Man tensed, but Sue was quicker. She hissed, the man turned toward the sound, and she projected an invisible force field around the couple.

Oblivious, the teens kissed on. The man wasted precious seconds searching for the source of the hiss. When he finally gave up, he turned back to an empty clearing. Fuming, he slunk off.

Spider-Man turned to Sue. “I wonder—”

She grew incorporeal.

“What if?” she began. Then she was gone, leaving behind a hole big enough to step through. He saw New York City through it. And moloids. Lots of ‘em.

Spider-Man shrugged, stepping forward. Why not?


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